Seward County Microfilm Reels

Sponsor and Preserve a Memory!

Click on the Seward County newspaper of your choice to see the reels waiting to be sponsored for online access. As donations are received sponsors will be recognized by listing the name of the individual, family, group, business or organization that paid for it behind the year. All reels without a name listed behind them are still available to sponsor for digitization for $125.

All reels are in the process of being put online or are already available to view at

In addition to digitizing the newspapers already on microfilm, about 10 years of the Milford Times and 2 years of the Seward County Independent are waiting to be filmed. Also, the Seward Memorial Library hopes to purchase the reels of microfilm not already owned. These additional costs are noted under each appropriate title and are also available for sponsorship. Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated!

Total Scope of Project

  • 272 reels to be digitized ($125 each)
  • 74 reels to be added to the library ($55 each)
  • 5 reels to be filmed ($225 each)
$39,195 needed

Progress Completed

  • 129 reels have been sponsored for digitizationFunds Raised
  • The Seward Library Foundation has contributed $15,500 in start-up and matching funds!
$31,725 has been donated
Beaver Crossing Bugle
Beaver Crossing Newsletter
Beaver Crossing Times
Blue Valley Blade
Blue Valley Record, Milford
The Echo, Beaver Crossing
Farmer Patriot and Bugle-Journal, Beaver Crossing
Garland Herald
Germantown Gleaner
Goehner News
The Independent Examiner, Beaver Crossing
Life at Beaver Crossing
Milford Monitor
Milford Review
Milford Times
Pleasant Dale Quiz
Seward Citizen
Seward County Democrat
Seward County Independent
Seward County Tribune
Seward Daily News
Seward Journal
Seward Weekly Reporter
Staplehurst Sentinel
Tamora Lyre
Tamora Register
Utica Record
Utica Sun

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